The Podstrana municipality belongs to an area of the Split-Dalmatia county. It is located along the southeastern side of Split, about 7km from the historical Split town core, in the foothills of the coastal mountain ridges of Mosor (1330m). Podstrana covers an area of 11,5 km/2 from the foothills of Perun mountain, along the lower course of river Žrnovnica northwest, to the Mutogras hill southeast. The coastal part of Podstrane spreads 6km longitudinally, through a series of indented bays and beaches.

The Podstrana area belongs to the zone of a pleasant Mediterranean climate, favorable to agriculture farming of all Mediterranean cultures: olives, grapes, figs, carob, citrus fruits, peaches, and gardening, thriving all year long. The beauty and ecological preservation of  the natural environment are authentic values enjoyed by the Podstrana people, and also an excellent potential for tourism development.

The economic development of Podstrana is based on tourism development. The key features of tourism development lie in the traditional hospitality of Podstrana people, cultural heritage, natural beauty, benefits of the climate, and a unique coastal shore of indented beaches and clear sea water.

Strožonac is a settlement of private houses in the Podstrana municipality, located about 7 kilometres south of Split. The Stronožac people used to be engaged in agriculture and fishing, but the beautiful shoreline and vicinity of Split, the tourist metropolis, made Stronožac an ideal tourist destination for guest who don't wish to spend their vacation in the center of things, but still wish to be close to all major and important events. The coastline is full of bays with small beaches and concrete swimming locations. In the background lies the Mosor mountain, a challenge for climbers, hikers, and cyclists.

A very beautiful mini resort – PALM GARDENS – is currently being built, presenting a sort of a Stronožac center point, arising from the surrounding area with a level of quality of urbanity.

Along with the new settlement, a walking trail is currently being constructed, continuing after Stronožac. The walk with fit into the natural beauty of the PALM GARDENS settlement with its level of arrangement and horticulture. A school, church, recreation center, day care, and a retirement home, all surround the new PALM GARDENS settlement, supporting the life of elderly and younger residents. The proximity of sandy beaches confirms high conditions for tourism and a peaceful life.
The PALM GARDENS settlement offers its buyers a high quality of living for a suitable price!
Living in our apartments, located in a highly urbanized riviera settlement, represents a comfortable and happy life at the highest level. Welcome!

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